Personal Puppy Training

Taking on a puppy is the most exciting time for all involved but it can also be a very stressful and emotional time too.

At Village Groomers we offer a fabulous package, where we will come out to your home prior to your puppy arriving and discuss with you key strategies to ensure a smooth induction of your puppy into the family home.  We will also discuss with you the equipment required prior to your puppy arriving home.  Once you have your puppy, we will then visit again to ensure all the processes are running smoothly and to answer the many questions that we know you will have.

Hopefully you will have your puppy for 10+ years and getting your strategy right from day one, will save much anxiety for both you and your dog.

With many many years of experience, we take great pleasure in helping people new to the dog world, get the best experience they possibly can from their puppy.

Call Sarah on 07702 123345 for more details.

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