Giant Breed Specialists

While we cater for dogs of all shapes and sizes, here at Village Groomers, we are giant breed specialists, including Giant Schnauzers, Leonbergers, Irish Wolfhounds, St. Bernards, Great Danes, and those lovable bear-like dogs, Newfoundlands. As experts in these breeds, we own specially designed equipment to deal with the large dogs – something which many grooming establishments don’t have – meaning we can both accommodate them and keep them comfortable during their visit to Village Groomers. Our van is also big enough to transport giant breeds, so you don’t need to worry about getting your dog to us if you live in one of our designated areas (see the ‘Collection Services’ page for more information).

Owning a Giant Schnauzer ourselves, we know how best to groom and look after this beautiful breed, and others like it. We’re even recommended by one of the UK’s top breeders as well as the Schnauzer club – just ask us for more details. We have also built up a national reputation for grooming and caring for Newfoundlands, with some of our clients making the journey all the way from Norfolk, Brighton, and Wales!

When grooming a Schnauzer, we will provide a unique Schnauzer cut, paying particular attention to that famous beard! You don’t need to worry; we’ll leave your Schnauzer dog looking spic and span, but still with their adorable trademark Schnauzer looks.

No matter what giant breed of dog you own, we can accommodate them in our spa. We welcome the opportunity to look after these magnificent canines, with no dog too large and no grooming job too extensive. We simply welcome all types of dogs to Village Groomers with open ‘paws’!

Prices from just £25.00
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