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Set in a rural environment, we are passionate about enriching the lives of your dogs. Whether in the puppy zone, Jurassic Bark, Daycare or our award-winning Groomers, your dog is sure to experience something magical by visiting us.


From enrichment activities, playtime, water games, snooze times and cuddles doggy daycare has your dog covered. We work with your dogs age, size and confidence level to help them in the appropriate zone.

Puppy Zone

Our dedicated puppy zone provides a safe and nurturing environment for your puppy.

Fetch & Return

Our fleet of customised vans, are driven by our highly qualified Doggy chauffeurs. Collections run in and around Harpenden.


Our groomer is an award winning British champion and we are able to cater for all breeds, miniature to giant.

Dog Owner Reviews

“Bobby loves going to Doggy daycare the staff are friendly and look after him so well every time he goes he cannot wait to get in the gate never looks back to see where I am so that speaks volumes to me thank you for last week giving him a bath when he rolled in mess keep up your fantastic work!!”

“My dog is now a regular at both Village Groomers Doggy Daycare and the groomers. He loves going in to see and play with all his new friends. He comes home happy but tired from a full and exciting day. The staff are fantastic! Fun friendly caring and very involved with all the dogs. It is a special place and we’re very lucky to have found it.“

“My latest fur child has turned out to be my most energetic and mischievous in decades of having dogs! Sarah is very knowledgeable and helpful and offers great advice. I send my puppy here once or twice a week. It has helped him socialise with dogs and humans & he has become a tiny bit more manageable!! The staff are all amazing and the puppy returns home all cleaned up after his day of play”

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